March 15, 2008

WORK PROGRAM 2007-2008:

In 2007-2008, SIMETRI implement the advisory program to the rural community in two districs in North Sumatera Province in the form of: 1) advisory program for rural community through intercorping system for Red Chili (Capsicum annuum var. Longum) and Paddy (oriza sativa, L) in Simalungun, North Sumatera Indonesia, 2) strengthening program for the people in coastal area through cultivation of Gold fish and Craps (Scylla sp) in the fishnet at Desa (Rural) Percut Sei Tuan, Deli Serdang North Sumatera Indonesia.The first program focused to the peasant in dry land, in the village that far from coastal area. While the second one is for the fisherman in the coastal area. In addition, there is a nutrition and health assessment and alternative education for the student who drop out from their school.


The current work program aims to increase the condition of social economic of the rural community through 1) intercropping of Red Chili (Capsicum annuum var. Longum) with Paddy (oriza sativa, L), 2) bredding of Goldfish and Crab (Scylla sp) , 3) education on nutrition, health and school education.


This program has being implementing since February 2007 until December 2008. this program is a pilot project for the rural community who involved 80 households or 350 people.


To do the advisory program for the people in 1) cultivation of Red Chili (Capsicum annuum var. Longum) with Paddy (oriza sativa, L) and 2) breeding of Goldfish and Crabs (Scylla sp). While the advisory consists of 1) cultivation method, 2) carring and 3) maintenance. In addition, the education for awareness on nutrition and health condition and the rural school are hold by health team that supported by SIMETRI. The participants will accomplished in each day bay the field officer who assigned by SIMETRI and has task to provide any input for any difficult in program realization.


This program is implemented by the self funding of SIMETRI and it has not yet get any fund sources from another resources. In present, SIMETRI in the difficult condition for funding that encourage SIMETRI to get the fund assistance for the continuation of the determined program.


The strengthening program implemented by SIMETRI consist of training for modern agricultural method in intercropping of Red Chili (Capsicum annuum var. Longum) with Paddy (oriza sativa, L) and breeding of Goldfish and Crab (Scylla sp) in the fish net. To supply any required equipment during the program and to invite the experts to formulate any problems. In addition to provide the education for the increasing of awareness on nutrition, health and school education.


This program attract the interest of the participants. The interest indicated by the number of household who will involved and to be a stakeholders of this program. But for the fund limitation, this program is limited to the rural community. Therefore, SIMETRI will involved and increase the number of participant by get the fund assistance in the implementation of this program. So, this program will be followed by the rural community. In addition, SIMETRI also implement this program to another region in North Sumatera as an alternative in the increasing of per capita income of the rural household. Therefore, SIMETRI will hope any fund assistance from any sides for the survive of this program for the rural community. SIMETRI as one of NGO take any efforts to get any fund assistance in support this program to the domestic and overseas NGO. The motto: “give until it hurts” to be a motivation for SIMETRI to implement this program in order to increase the awareness of society in their living rights. Therefore, SIMETRI will hope any fund assistance for the continuation of this program. SIMETRI will express a depth thanks for your donation.


SIMETRI, a small NGO that pay attention to the poverty of the rural community. Since its establishment in 2001, it has implementing any program related to the strengthening of rural community in any sector such as 1) agricultural activities, 2) nutrition and health, 3) education. SIMETRI provide the priority to the work and society service for the rural community in each implemented program. For the continuation of these program, SIMETRI need the fund assistance to enable the rural community involved in this program. What for your donation will useful for them who need it. Finally, may be God bless us. For you who need a complete profile of SIMETRI or the detail proposal, we can send it to you immediately. We hope you pay attention for this program.


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